How to Obtain the Health Certificate for Amarnath Yatra 2013 ?

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Shri Amarnath Ji Shrine Board had issued several advisories for the upcoming Yatra in 2013. One of these advisories include a Compulsory Health Certificate from the Authorized Doctor to issue the Health Certificate

It is due to Large Number of Deaths  in 2012, that Shrine Board had made it compulsory for all the yatris to get a Health Certificate from the Authorized Doctor. It is worth mentioning here that 102 pilgrims have lost their Lives during the Amarnath Yatra 2012.

After that Shrine Faced Huge criticism from the various sections of society and then the Honourable Supreme Court ordered the formation of Special High Empowered Committee (SHPC), that will look into the conduct of Yatra in 2013. 

How to Get the Compulsory Health Certificate ?

If you are planning for  Yatra 2013, then you must not that the Amarnath Yatra 2013 Registration will start from 18th March, 2013. In the meantime, you are advised to get the Compulsory Health Certificate from the Doctor.

The Format for the Health Certificate is available on the Official Website of Shri Amarnath Ji Shrine Board and you can Download the same from here. The Health Certificate is a simple form, that asks for Pilgrim's Basic Details (Like Name, Parentage, Address, etc)

Once you Download the Health Certificate, you have to take its Print-Out, fill the form accordingly by giving true Details, about your Health Conditions in the past and present.

Who is authorised to Issue the Health Certificate for Amarnath Yatra ?

For 2012 Yatra, any Registered Medical Practitioner is authorized to issue the Medical Certificate to pilgrims, but for Aamrnath Yatra 2013, Shir Amarnath Ji Shrine Board, had constituted State/UT wise List of Doctors that are authorized to Issue the Health Certificates.

The State/UT wise List of Authorized Doctors to Issue the Health Certificates can be checked from this page of the SASB Website

You can also check our previous post in which, we have discussed in Detail on How to Download the Registration form for Amarnath Yatra 2013

 Some of the FAQ's related to Health Certificate

Q) What, If I didn't Get the Health Certificate ?

Health Certificate is a mandatory Document, without the Health Certificate, you will not be issued the Yatra Permit.

Q) Is it necessary to get the Health Certificate from Prescribed Doctors Only ?

Yes, Only authorized doctors appointed by Shrine Board can issue the Health Certificates. Certificates obtained from the other doctors will be summarily rejected.

If you have any other Questions, related to the Health Certificates, that we didnot cover in this section, then please ask us through the Comment Section below.

We are waiting to answer the Questions raised by you.

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  2. Please , Give me a Bank Name Where We Submit Reg. Form, We are Staying in Gujarat in Rajkot Dist.

    1. Hi,

      You can check the list below, it contains the Complete List of Bank Branches, where you can get the Registration

  3. who are the prescribed doctors in kerala to issue health certificates??

  4. Who is authousised here in kerala to issue Health certificate. ie. not published in the list.

    Nash V.V

  5. Hi Can you please provide the information regarding Helicopter booking.


  6. Do i need a health certificate if i want to go by a helicopter?


  8. Which doctor to be consulted in Mumbai??? MUMBAI???

  9. plz tell me authorized doctors in hyderabad

  10. Namaste I have sent many time message few question, but nerver reply very sad . My question that . Amarnth yater is only pilgrim from india , what bout the pilgrim lives abroud , we can only come to india for few week during Dharshan period . Your requierment health certificate will be recognise only from docter which shrine board has promoted it is impossible for us for NRE To come for this formality in short time and more over we can not get booking online to visit AMARNATH Yatra , how we NRE get permit to visit Amarnath ji ,Please reply and guide. Regards sunilpuri

  11. i have already registered for the yatra through yes bank. can i board the helicopter with the darshan parchi and without medical certificate as same retained by the bank officials.

    1. No, you have not need a parchi if you have heli booking, but you have necessary the medical certificate.

    2. Mine is the same question. Did you get a reply from the board or any other source.
      Nilesh Toshniwal

  12. I hav collected the registration form and i tested all tests prescribed by the authorized doctor,
    but as dr. Said for eye fitness test this test is in normal mode or in dr. Prescription by dr.
    after that wat i hav to do

  13. I want to take my Mother In law for Shri Amarnath Ji Yatra but she has suffered Heart Attack last year in November and got Engioplasty done. she is hale hearty now.

    please suggest if she can travel through Helicopter.

  14. Which doctor to be consulted in Mumbai??? MUMBAI???

  15. can we do registration at the time of yatra..

  16. Can anybody please tell me where can we go for obtaining a health certificate in PUNE??

  17. It is a big challenge to get the medical certificate issued from Delhi/NCR region. The authorised doctors have made business of it and is charging hefty amounts around 1500 to 2000 ruppes for issuing certificate. It is shame for india to face such an inconvinience for Amarnath darshan

  18. I am a Defence personnel (Army). Will the medical certificate by Doctor from military hospital be valid ?

  19. I am residing in Pune maharastra and want to have medical heckup but no doctors in nearby area. My area is Pimple saudagar. Please let me know for correct doctors so that i can complete my yatra on 3rd July.

  20. Dear Sir,

    I would like to bring to your notice the following difficulties encountered by the prospective yatris for Amarnath yatra 2013.

    1) The total process for issuing health certificate is absolutely flawed with no guidelines given by the Shrine board to be followed by the hospital for issuing the same.

    2) The Salt Lake SD hospital in Kolkata, West Bengal is taking too long to issue the certificate even after completion of all tests. First they are asking to go to the physician for clearance. After he has cleared, even then they ask you to go to the anesthetist for further clearance. I have been wasting full days standing in queue for the last several days without any result. They are not bothered about it and are doing their routine work and think this as an additional burden. It is a shame that no fixed set of guidelines are followed by every hospital, which should have been set by the Amarnath Shrine Board.

    3) My sister got her test done at Fortis Hospital Delhi, there they did not put the hospital rubber stamp and when she went to deposit the same to the bank, the bank asked for the rubber stamp with the respective doctors name on it which is on the website. When she again went to the hospital they said that they don't have the rubber stamps with the doctors name and when she insisted they said they will order it and asked her to come again after 3 days.

    4) It is not understood why different hospitals are charging different rates for the medical under the package scheme. While Fortis in Delhi is charging some 2800/-, Medica is issuing the same at 1000/-. Why Amarnath Shrine Board did not fix one Standard rates for the same.

    All these and more are creating a whole lot of difficulties for the yatris.

    I think the Amarnath Shrine Board which manages all these have fallen short on taking all this into account.
    This is totally faulty planning by the board. Such was not expected.

    Sanjiv Kumar Beriwala

  21. I wish to travel to Amarnath Ji from Balthal in Helicopter Do I need medical certificate,

  22. Could you please give me the list of subscribed doctors in Mumbai..?

  23. we are coming from uk. can we get healkth certificate from uk. will that be accepted.

  24. an anybody please tell me where can we go for obtaining a health certificate in mumbai